Pre and Post Operative Instructions

Pre-operative Instructions

In consultation with the periodontist and your medical practitioner it may be appropriate for you to stop taking Aspirin and other blood thinners 3-5 days prior to your surgery.   If you are taking blood thinners remember to inform your periodontist and discontinue them as directed.   If you normally take antibiotic premedication please take this as directed prior to your procedure.  You will feel better if you eat prior to your procedure and dress comfortably.

Post-Operative Instructions

  1. Pain or discomfort is likely to be experienced, particularly in the first 24 hours.   Any usual pain or headache tablet e.g. Panadol or Nurofen, should make you comfortable, but if not please telephone one of the telephone numbers provided to you on the day of your surgery.
  2. Slight bleeding may occur.  You will be provided with sterile gauze, you should use this to apply gentle pressure to the site for 10 minutes.  If more severe bleeding occurs please contact us.
  3. Eating-tough or course foods should be avoided for the first week following surgery- otherwise there are few restrictions on what you can eat.   Please do not drink any hot beverages until your local anaesthetic has worn off.
  4. The operated area MUST NOT be brushed for one week following surgery.  During this time please keep it clean by using the antibacterial mouth wash you will be provided with.

Instructions for the Mouthwash

  1. Use morning and night
  2. Measure 10 ml (2 teaspoons).  Do not add water.
  3. Rinse for one times minute then spit out.
  4. If a brown stain appears on the teeth this will be removed at a subsequent appointment.